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For individuals


Credit Cards for any purpose!

Absolutely without documents * and without collateral.

Credit amount - up to 30 million soums!

Interest on the loan from 24% to 36%. In this case, you pay only for the used part of the funds, without overpayment and additional commission.

For the first 30 days after receiving a loan, interest is not credited!

The loan period is up to 12 months!

You can get a credit card quickly and most importantly - easy! Visit the nearest branch of the bank, fill out the form and get the card on the next day!

insurance policy of the insurance company on insurance of the risk of non-repayment of the loan by the borrower, guarantee of self-government bodies of citizens.

Use the credit limit at any convenient time for you unlimited number of times.
Cancel your loan and your limit will be constantly restored. The limit is reduced only once a month.

* for the Bank's clients on payroll projects
For other clients, must be provided 2 documents:
- Passport
- Income Statement

To get a credit card, call the contact center or fill out the online form here!